This blog is a catch-all for everything which doesn't fit either a Mastodon microblog or a more serious publication.

Professional me

I am a doctoral student at LIONS@EPFL.

For more information about the professional me as well as current projects you can check out the main website, specifically the resume section.

You can also take a look at my CV.

Before my PhD really kicked in, I used to work as a freelance consultant, with experience in rapid prototyping, developing machine learning stacks for information retrieval and automation, embedded systems firmware development in C and more.

Currently, I have restricted my non-PhD activities to

You are always invited to send me an email if you have an interesting project proposal and can either afford my rate (see the resume, it touches any of my interests listed above or involves policy work on artificial machine learning, direct democracy, transparency and scaling decentralized governance (but not with a crypto currency please).

Private me

Private interests are currently mainly focused on

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