Blackmail, Integrity, Privilege and the need for privacy

I thought I had it all figured out, just don't do anything immoral, or anything you wouldn't be comfortable with airing out if forced, and you are immune to blackmail. But what happens if you are forced to do something you think is justified, but your workplace and other important factors of your life might not react well to, because you are not as lucky as me?

I'm a white, middle class, mostly heterosexual cis-male, in a very liberal country, in a very liberal industry without any dependents. I do not have to deal with being judged for abortions, with being subtly discriminated for my sexuality or gender, or my race, or any other factor. I can easily reject employers which won't treat me with respect, but what if I couldn't? How would I deal with that? What if for example someone judged one of my hobbies as “bad for the orgs image” and “had to” distance the org from me by firing me? Or if I had an abortion and would have to face harassment because of this? Owning it wouldn't be possible, and my integrity would not matter.

This insight might seem trivial to you, but I had to be pushed face first into this by some of my friends. Which I guess says something about my naivete. Thank god I have friends who'll call me on my bullshit.

Aside from driving home the point for strong privacy laws and technology, and protective laws making sure employers don't have any business snooping around in he private life, this thing has me chewing on this problem now:

How should one deal in such a situation? One in which there one had to do something not illegal, not necessarily immoral, but something other people with power of you could possibly treat you worse if they knew.

How could one make sure one becomes immune against blackmail again? What systemic protection could we come up with to protect people in such a setting? If you have good solutions, please mail me at